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Before & After

Just the addition of basic pieces with some soft goods can warm up a space, allow potential buyers/renters/clients a chance to envision themselves using the space and give scale/perspective which can be hard to visualize without some reference.

Via Sonrisa_front before_edited.jpg

Curb Appeal - Before

These 90's garage windows, overgrown landscape and an old security screen made this home seem dated and unkempt.

Via Sonrisa_front after_edited_edited.jpg

Curb Appeal - After

Quick power wash, removal of plastic window frames & security screen, addition of garage hardware and a cozy welcome mat - small changes, big return!


Open Floorplan - Before

Furniture to define the space into zones was missing from this open floorplan home

Via Sonrisa_family after_edited.jpg

Open Floorplan - After

The addition of DTP pieces, decor and modest art gives the space an inviting appeal + clearly defined seating, breakfast room and kitchen space

Caneel Bay_kitchen.jpg

Cluttered Spaces - Before

We can also help make your pieces work in the space, with some organization/pre-packing

Caneel Bay_after kitchen nook_edited.jpg

Cluttered Spaces - After

Removing the clutter, swapping pieces for better scale and allowing the light into a space can make a HUGE difference

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